At Learoy we don’t just create training, we help you to improve the performance of your organisation. How?

EXPLORE. We focus on what your humans need to do to achieve your business goals. We kick off each project getting to know you and understanding what it is that you’re trying to solve. Think of us as explorer’s; mapping out our terrain before we set out for our adventure.

DESIGN. Take a seat and let us grab you a cup of tea. Comfy? Great. While we get to work, we want to keep you close. Not too close mind you… just enough so we can make sure you have everything you need, the way you need it. We collaborate through the design process to ensure the product becomes your own.

DELIVER. We don’t just send your content to you by carrier pigeon when we’re done; we support you through the delivery process. Accessible in a variety of formats, we work together with you to make sure you can run, play and jump with your solution.




“When you become a client of Learoy, we become a part of your family.”

Before beginning the creative design process, we get to know you. We’re interested in understanding what you need to achieve and what you need your team to be ‘doing’ to help you get there. Our customised solutions come with strong instructional design methodologies that see us exploring and focusing on the driving and resisting forces of the performance you’re looking for. You can can customise from our existing library, or start from scratch. Invite us into your home and we’ll work with you to design the right customised solution.


“Performance is the reason we’re here, spending time in this space we call learning.”

At Learoy, we see ourselves as architects of learning experiences. Good learning is more than just enjoyable, it provides real, actionable outcomes to help your business achieve its goals. All of our existing and customised training is supported by experienced, performance focused instructional design. Whether it’s videos, podcasts or online learning programs and packages, we can offer your business the learning design support it needs.


“Interactivity is more than hitting the ‘next’ button, it’s immersive.”

Training isn’t just about what we need to know, it’s also about what we need to do. We use storytelling, challenging scenarios, interactivity and a variety of digital mediums to immerse learners into the experience of learning. Like a well written and directed movie, real interactivity allows your learners to feel fully engaged no matter what the budget.


“Sometimes it’s good to let actions speak louder than words.”

Every day, hundreds of millions of hours are spent on YouTube by over a billion users around the world. Video is a medium that can engage viewers and provide access to insights and experiences that tie directly into the real world. We’ve created high-quality videos as part of our existing library of content, as well as customised training videos for several major brands. Our team can develop everything from the script to the finished product.


“Listen to them here, listen to them there, you can listen to them everywhere.”

It’s been predicted that over 46-million Americans tune into podcasts on a daily basis. Podcasts provide us with ‘audio stories’ where we can listen to real discussions and ideas on a range of topics. In this way, we can support the development of lifelong learning habits. Our existing podcasts already provide learners with the opportunity to listen in when and where it suits them best. We can work with you to develop podcasts to provide your team’s access to the very best in your industry.


“Save a tree, read an eBook.”

Have so much content that you could fill an entire book? eBooks are accessible, adaptable and portable. With people accessing content online more and more, why not provide them with the information they need, in the way they want to find it. Our eBooks provide you with what’s trending, real world examples, scenarios, visuals galore, and links to articles or videos for some different perspectives. You can select from our customisable eBook library, or work with us to develop an eBook for your specific team needs.

We know time, money and quality are important to you. Check out the extensive range of customisable programs we’ve already developed to help kick start your learning solutions. If you can’t find something you need in our existing offer or have specific requirements that require a range of personalised solutions? Why not check out what we do and give us a call to see if we can help.

This course has been very insightful. As a customer service professional, all points discussed are so relevant in meeting our overall goal of best customer service delivery.

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Great job on defining leadership and using examples on how it can be effective in the workplace. Provided an easy way to implement new leadership techniques.

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